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5F-SGT-151 or 5F-CUMYL-PeGaCLONE are the abbreivated names for 5-fluoropentyl-2-(1-methyl-1-phenyl-ethyl)-2,5-dihydro-pyrido[4,3-b]indol-1-one, which is one of the new generation of novel synthetic cannabinoids, that is uncontrolled at present in most of the EU for use in laboratory research.

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It is A new cannabinoid designer drug, a new legal formula and a strong effect of action makes it for today out of competition an excellent commodity and a chemical gaining great popularity.5f-SGT-151

5F-SGT- 151 is designed for research and forensic applications. This chemical preparation 5F -SGT-151 is a designer drug with pronounced physiological and psychoactive effects and has the molecular formula C22H26FN3O.5F-SGT-151 for sale online

Side effects from 5F-SGT- 151 are unknown. Synthetic cannabinoids, can show a high affinity for the peripheral receptors of cannabinoid CB1 and CB2.5F- SGT-151 for sale online

Storage conditions of this chemical: in a cool and dry place. The stability of this chemical compound can last up to 2 years, under the right storage condition

5F-CUMYL-PEGACLONE (5F-SGT-151, SGT-269) is a gamma-carboline based engineered cannabinoid that has been sold as a fashioner drug, first being distinguished in Germany in 2017. It goes about as a powerful full agonist of the CB1 receptor. [1][2] It has all the earmarks of being more harmful than related mixtures like CUMYL-PEGACLONE, and has been connected to various genuine unfavorable responses, some fatal.[3]

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Mogler L, Halter S, Wilde M, Franz F, Auwärter V (2019). “Human stage I digestion of the original engineered cannabinoid 5F-CUMYL-PEGACLONE”. Criminological Toxicology. 37 (1): 154-163. doi:10.1007/s11419-018-0447-4. PMC 6315001. PMID 30636984.
Janssens L, Cannaert A, Connolly MJ, Liu H, Stove CP (June 2020). “In vitro action profiling of Cumyl-PEGACLONE variations at the CB1 receptor: Fluorination versus isomer investigation”. Drug Testing and Analysis. 12 (9): 1336-1343. doi:10.1002/dta.2870. hdl:1854/LU-8687072. PMID 32490586. S2CID 219285656.
Giorgetti A, Mogler L, Halter S, Haschimi B, Alt A, Rentsch D, Schmidt B, Thoma V, Vogt S, Auwärter V (2019). “Four instances of death including the original engineered cannabinoid 5F-Cumyl-PEGACLONE”. Scientific Toxicology. 38 (2): 314-326. doi:10.1007/s11419-019-00514-w. S2CID 209449526.


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